When it comes to starting a successful entrepreneurial career, there is no surefire way to start a successful business. Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most difficult jobs out there, and very few careers require the same amount of work, skill, and commitment. Becoming an entrepreneur is really hard, especially when building a personal brand,  but it can be an extremely rewarding career as well.

Whether you’ve been around the block a few times, or you are just starting out – making mistakes is part of the process. Mistakes are proof you are trying, and that is always a good thing.

So, spill. How many of these top 5 mistakes have you fallen victim to? How did you recover? Hit me up in the comments section, or tag me on Facebook, share your experiences!

1. Expecting Success Right Away

It takes a long time to grow a thriving business, and it can take even longer to make money from it. If you are expecting overnight success, you will be disappointed. Sometimes that first disappointment feels like a reason to quit, and a lot of people do. One of the key things lucrative entrepreneurs have is patience. You need to set realistic expectations and stay the course.

I always tell people to look at their spreadsheets, analytics, Facebook engagement – whatever. Take a snapshot of the entire life of your business. Chances are really good that those numbers are going up. Maybe they go down some too, but as long as overall they are headed forward – you’re doing a great job.

2. Not Setting Attainable Goals

While I highly encourage you to set big goals for yourself as an entrepreneur, you need to make sure you aren’t getting so caught up in your big idea that you don’t have a solid plan for right now. In order to be successful, you need to set realistic and attainable goals, not just your big goal. Set short and long term goals that are specific and will help you reach your big goals. Once you’ve identified these goals, figure out what specific steps you need to do to reach them.

3. Trying to Do Everything Yourself

You can’t be a one woman show, no matter how hard you try to be. I know, sometimes you feel like you don’t have a choice. If you try to do everything yourself, you’ll burn out from all the work you’re taking on, and you won’t be able to stay focused on the tasks that need your attention. A real boss babe knows how to delegate tasks and isn’t afraid to outsource. Check out some low-cost freelance options like Fiverr and UpWork, as your business grows consider hiring interns or part time employees. There will be tasks you are simply not able to handle. Delegating these tasks will help you make better use of your time and put yourself in the position to do your best work.

4. Just Going For The Money

If you are just in it for the money, you might as well quit now because you will never be successful. In order to be a flourishing entrepreneur, you need to have a deep passion for your business and the field you’ve chosen. By far one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is ignoring their passion and going for the money. You cannot sustain your business for the long term if you are not passionate about what you’re doing.

5. Not Spending Enough or Spending Too Much

Money tends to be one of the largest setbacks as a new entrepreneur. In the beginning, your budget will probably be pretty tight or you might not have anything at all. Making and saving money should be your first priority, or your business won’t be sustainable.

Spend your startup cash wisely, but don’t be afraid to invest in things that will help your business grow and flourish either. Programs, marketing, education can all be a huge help in growing your business. Don’t be too stingy with your money, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, don’t spend it all either. In order to have long term success, you need to be able to stay balanced.

Being an entrepreneur is challenging work – there is no sugar coating it. Especially if you have a family at home to take care of, or your entire financial future could be riding on your opportunity. And you know what? You will make mistakes. This is inevitable and a part of growing as a business owner. Own them, wear them like badges of honor. Tell the world about them – because you can only make mistakes when you are trying.

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Kayla is Graphic Designer and Brand Manager with years of experience in personal branding. The Crafty Way is her latest endeavor, sharing her knowledge with the solo entrepreneur community.

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Posted by Kayla

Kayla is Graphic Designer and Brand Manager with years of experience in personal branding. The Crafty Way is her latest endeavor, sharing her knowledge with the solo entrepreneur community. Learn More About Kayla

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