Everyone’s been told to look at Coke, Nike, and social media giants as a guide for branding their new business, but what if you’re a female solo-preneur or small business instead of a large corporation? Don’t worry! I have you covered. I have found these 8 inspirational female brands to help you find your own path to designing your own identity.

Who are you really? What are you trying to portray? Who are you trying to appeal to? Those are questions you need to think about and answer before you start coming up with ways to market your business. Not sure how? Keep reading and I will help you see the details that help these inspirational female brands stand out from the crowd and tell their story.

1.) Pretty Darn Cute Design

Pretty Darn Cute Design markets feminine WordPress themes, and the woman behind the brand is Lindsey Riel. When you land on her page, you are met with beautiful, bright sherbet palettes and eye-catching color pops used in clever ways to highlight her skills as a creative web designer. From the relaxed, conversational tone of her writing to her standout trademarked #putabowonit, Lindsey’s brand gives off a fun, girl next door vibe.

2.) Wonderlass

Speaking of fun, next on the list is the online business coach, Allison, from Wonderlass. Allison is edgy and unapologetically herself. The use of in your face colors, doodles, and the occasional use of profanity is unique in the world of online business coaching. Her writing is casual and she speaks to you like you’ve known her forever. Wonderlass may not be for everyone, but Allison serves as a perfect example of staying true to yourself and not doing what everyone else is doing. Her photographs are beautiful and do a great job of capturing the overall energetic feel of the Wonderlass brand.

3.) By Regina

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Regina Anaejionu of By Regina. You will notice that Regina’s page is not brightly colored or overly feminine looking. By Regina has a pretty neutral, eye-pleasing color palette. Her brand features photos of Regina in denim, bare feet, leggings, and on the sofa. From the use of colloquialisms like “epicness” and referring to her readers as “ninjas”, Regina shows her quirky personality and connects with readers on a personal level. Arriving on Regina’s page is like hanging out with your best friend.


4.) Deluxe Modern Design

What if you don’t want to be the girl next door? What if you want to be Audrey Hepburn? Look to Coco Tafoya of Deluxe Modern Design. Landing on her page is looking at a modern version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Slightly vintage, luxurious, and graceful elements blend together seamlessly to create a brand that invokes awe and maybe a tad bit of envy. What really sets Deluxe Modern Design apart from everyone else is the degree to which Coco carries over her brand to all of her social media channels and her ability to be glamorous while remaining relatable to her audience.

5.) Shay Cochrane

Shay Cochrane is different because she is two separate but interconnected brands. She is both Shay Cochrane the owner and photographer of SC Stockshop and Shay Cochrane the business woman. Both brands are beautiful, bright, and appeal to today’s modern woman. Shay takes it one step further by using her personal brand to give an inside look at her life with an About page that really tells who she is at heart, what motivates her, and how she prioritizes her life. Shay’s branding has given her the flexibility to easily branch out from her current photography business model and expand into other areas through her personal brand.

6.) Main Street Web Studios

If you haven’t set yourself up to expand, or if you just feel like you need a re-brand, Christine Capone is a perfect example of the right way to do it. She is migrating from her current marketing model as Christine Capone design and web services to Main Street Web Studios. Both brands feature gorgeous feminine images and soft palettes, but Main Street Web Studios is getting an upgraded clean and modern feel with a lot of white space, brighter photographs, and a more vibrant feel overall. Christine makes sure to feature herself on the new home page to ensure clients know this is her business. Her brand is also getting a makeover on social media to include a new logo to reflect that of Main Street Web Studios and she is actively promoting her new brand.

7.) Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Last, but certainly not least on our list of Inspirational Female Brands is Kimberly Ann Jimenez. Kimberly is a social media consultant who is coaching others to grow their online businesses. Kimberly’s brand features a soft, classic pinks, gray, and black color palette and often uses softened images with a tinted overlay. Kimberly’s writing is conversational, and she comes across as being very relatable by highlighting how she has been exactly where their readers are. She knows their struggles, and she knows what it takes to get to the next level. What really stands out about Kimberly is the way she has incorporated her YouTube channel Kim TV on her blog. In doing so, Kim has ensured her brand remains relevant with the current trend of video over print.


No matter what the current fad is or what is popular at the moment, these women represent who they are and not who they should be to make the next paycheck, and that is the key thing to remember. No matter how well designed your website is, no matter how gorgeous your pictures are if your brand isn’t authentic it means nothing. Your brand should reflect YOU instead of you trying to be someone else. Find elements of other brands that speak to you, but ultimately let your brilliant personality shine!



Kayla is Graphic Designer and Brand Manager with years of experience in personal branding. The Crafty Way is her latest endeavor, sharing her knowledge with the solo entrepreneur community.

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Posted by Kayla

Kayla is Graphic Designer and Brand Manager with years of experience in personal branding. The Crafty Way is her latest endeavor, sharing her knowledge with the solo entrepreneur community. Learn More About Kayla


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