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Your Personality, Your brand

If your personality is your brand, it’s time to treat yourself with the professional respect you deserve. It starts with a simple question:

Who are you when you daydream?

Are you a high-powered mommy blogger with killer weekly content and an ever-growing list? A solo entrepreneur ready to make a splash in the yoga niche? Whatever your vision, building a strong personal brand is key.

And I can help you do it.

A decade spent building brands

The Crafty Way is about my passion for empowering people, one I found during many years spent working in graphic design. You might say graphic design found me—it’s everywhere, after all, and ubiquity is a powerful thing. Where else can you make something so beautiful it reaches hundreds, thousands, even millions of people?

Throughout my time in design, I’ve done my fair share of daydreaming. Each time I seemed to be wearing a different hat: Graphic Designer in fast-paced ad agencies; Brand Manager for a well-known corporation. Creative Director. Art Director. Freelance consulting with non-profits and small businesspeople.  Up until recently, my career path was rock-solid, my footing sound.
And then my day job up and left me.

What Pink Slip?

It’s true. My employer shipped operations overseas, leaving me with a choice: seek another full-time design gig, or close my eyes and be who I see when I daydream. So I’ve decided to stay home with you and offer my brand expertise to all the mommy bloggers, solo entrepreneurs, and DIYers out there. I’ve decided to make The Crafty Way the online brand consultancy for women who want to strike out on their own.

The time to do something that lights a fire in you—to infuse personality into your brand—is now.

I’ll give you the tools you need to do it yourself.