Authentic, Attractive and you : How to Fall in Love with your Brand -

Authentic, Attractive and You: How to Fall in Love with Your Brand

A Free Masterclass for Business Women Building a Brand

Hey Boss lady!

I'm Kayla, and I'm inviting you to learn my three most important strategies for building a brand identity that you and your audience will love. 

If you've got a business or a side-hustle, this class will give you what you need to make a business that looks & feels as beautiful as you are. 


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In this class you'll learn to be more:

How to drop the copy cat language and look - give your audience honesty.

How to identify the weak spots in your business's look & feel - then make a plan to fix them.

How to infuse your business marketing, messaging and more with your best asset - YOU! 

About Me:

I'm a brand manager and creative director. I've spent a decade in the industry, worked with everyone from small mom-bloggers to international companies in brand building, design, strategy and more.  My passion is in helping other entrepreneurial women find their (amazing) potential and showing it to the world through images, tone of voice, colors, logos and everything else! 

If you own your own business, consult for a company, have a night job or even just a reputation; then you have a brand. A brand is How you present yourself and your business to the world - the face of what you do. It is important stuff, which is why I love talking and teaching about it!


Alright then, let's do it!

Yay! I can't wait to see what we come up with together.

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