What is Audience Insights on Facebook?

It seems lately that everyone has their own fancy terminology for finding who your Best Brand Friend is. In the end, it is really pretty simple: Who loves you, your product, your service or your business? I always advise clients to answer that question by looking and who is already engaging with them via social media, purchases, or brick-and-mortar visits. These demographics from Facebook will tell you about trends that include age, relationship status, job roles, and even gender for those that visit or engage with your FB page. Audience Insights in Facebook even allows you to find out lifestyle and interest information in your target audience.

Audience Insights and Page Insights are different

Before you go any further, I want you to know that Audience Insights and Facebook Insights are two different things. Page Insights helps you to know what likes/shares you got for your content. Facebook Insights helps you get the trends about your current audience and those that have liked your page.

How To Find your Audience Insights

Head to facebook.com/ads/audience_insights

Click this link to head to Audience Insights on Facebook. Once you are here. Click on the “people connected to your page.”

When you first open Audience Insights on Facebook, it will be general and look like the screenshot below.

Scroll down to the left to where it says “pages.” Click on it and you will be able to pick your page to find your demographics. Keep in mind if you have a physical company, you will need to click on place.

Audience Insights on Facebook is straight forward and all you need to do is scroll down to find everything you need. Frankly, some of this stuff is a little stalkery – but for finding your Brand Best Friend, this info is a gold mine.

First up is age/gender.

Scroll down and you will find relationship status and education level.

Using Audience Insights, you can get a good feel for who is interested in the content you are currently providing. In some cases, you might want to shift your content to cater to a different audience. In other cases, you might narrow your content to fit those that are already engaging with you, strengthening their relationship with your brand.

Speaking of Brand relationships – let’s find out who your BBF is! Audience Insights on Facebook can help you gain a greater understanding of who loves your product, service or brand and how to talk to her in her own language. This is hugely important, as people tend to connect with a person behind the business and not just your marketing materials. Knowing who your talking to can make that conversation far more powerful.

Get into the details

When it comes to finding specifics like location/online purchase habits, just do a little bit of clicking. You can click on Demographics, page likes, location, activity, household, and purchases. Basically, you can find out anything about your audience you want apart from their actual identity.

Some of the more telling analytics are Page Likes, Job Title, Purchase and the Household sections. Page Likes help you to see what other types of pages your current audience is into. For example, I run a crafting website that sells crafts. I’d expect to see a bunch of home decor sites in this list. I might find, however, that there are a lot of DIY pages in the list instead. What does that mean? It might mean that DIY content or kits might sell better for me than finished crafts.

Job title can help to paint a picture of the skillset/education of the current audience. If I had a software development course for sale, I’d hope to see a lot of IT job titles for example.

Income level becomes really interesting if you are selling a service or a product that is pricey. If the majority of your current audience appears to have disposable income – great, you’re probably fine. If it looks like your audience is strapped for cash, then you might think about lowering your prices, adopting payment plans etc.

Lifestyle and Purchase areas are valuable for tailoring products, affiliate sales and more to your current audience. In the screenshot below, you can see that the audience for this page is unlikely to purchase kids items of business items. If I’m selling exclusively business related products – this could mean I’m not reaching my target audience. On the contrary, if I’m a recipe blog, then this data doesn’t bother me.

The information available in the Facebook Audience Insights panel is a powerful resource for infopreneurs and small businesses. Shouting at a crowd that doesn’t it your business is exhausting and not really lucrative. Having a conversation with your Brand Best Friend, however, is one of my secrets to Brand success.







Kayla is Graphic Designer and Brand Manager with years of experience in personal branding. The Crafty Way is her latest endeavor, sharing her knowledge with the solo entrepreneur community.

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Kayla is Graphic Designer and Brand Manager with years of experience in personal branding. The Crafty Way is her latest endeavor, sharing her knowledge with the solo entrepreneur community. Learn More About Kayla