Each day brings news (does it ever) and today’s news is good: you can refresh your digital brand without hiring a graphic designer. No theory. No web design skills. No subscriptions.

It’s true.

All it takes is a little elbow grease, a little craftiness.

As it turns out, there are a lot of little things you can do—right now—that will help refresh your personal brand.

(PS: The fancy word “Personal Brand” just means the look & feel of your personal business. So your blog, Instagram, business cards, etc. If you’re a boss babe running your own business or side-hustle: You have a personal brand.)

Step 0: First Thing’s First

You can’t make improvements if you don’t know where you stand. So grab this free Personal Brand Audit and spend 5 minutes evaluating your personal brand. I promise it is fun, and it will get you in the right headspace to make great tweaks to your business look & feel!

Step 1: Do the Little Things Right

It’s always good to mix it up once in a while. Here’s a few angles:

  1. Be seasonal – Think of the seasons as your calendar. Spring is here! Time to update the header image on my Facebook page. Fall has arrived and I’m a mommy blogger—time to introduce some fall-themed collateral to accompany my latest pumpkin spice latte blog.
  2. Email signature – Do you have a professional email? Consider updating your email signature to spruce things up a bit. A clean email signature can be a nice touch when communicating digitally, and it’s something you can do in less than ten minutes.
  3. Profile info – Optimization is all in the details. When’s the last time you took a look at your various profiles? You know: Edit Profile. Usernames, tagline, info, website URL—all of this needs to be polished and consistent across your various channels.
  4. Proofread – Your words should be thoughtful and error-free. This means profiles, tweets, blogs—all of it. Take some time to go though and proofread your old content (especially the high-traffic stuff).

These little things might seem trivial, but it’s often the women doing these things right that stand out from the crowd. Plus, with enough coffee you can do this all in a day. Nothing makes me feel more on top of things than cleaning business house.

Step 2: Avatar is important

Sorry, Spielberg, but we’re not talking about the movie. We’re talking about the little square profile image that marks Twitter handles, Facebook pages, Google+—the list goes on and on. They look like this:


Remember when you set up your accounts and were asked to upload an image? Did you take your time and upload something consistent with your brand—something consistent with the avatars you use across other networks?

How you go about your avatar depends on which platforms you are leveraging for your business. LinkedIn? Go for a more professional headshot. Twitter? Facebook?

Get designy. Try your logo.

Gather the more recent photos of you, or your products, that fit your brand. Headshots are great for profile pictures and About Us pages. If you want to blend your portrait and log, try a photograph with you wearing one of your brand colors.

Liz from Love Grows Wild is a great example. Her headshot is bright and spacious like the rest of her brand, and she uses it across all of her social platforms.


You use these accounts to communicate with your customers, right? So when customers and potential clients—contacts, peers, etc.—interact with you using these media, what do they see? Do they see something different across different channels?

Or is your brand all buttoned up and clean?

If they decided to look for you (or told someone else to), would they find you? Would they recognize you based on your logo and profile image?

This is what we mean when we talk about personal brand. Check out these 7 Inspirational Feminine Personal brands to get inspired!

Get Brand Builders in your Inbox!

Step 3: Work with Your Website Theme

The joy of sites like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace is that they are designed for ease-of-use. You’ve purchased a professional domain and set it up, right? Here are some simple steps you can complete to optimize that site, give your brand some extra polish.

  1. Optimize your theme – Site title, post tags, and keywords can help improve search engine optimization for your site. Revisit your highest traffic posts and check their SEO status. For WordPress users, I can’t recommend Yoast SEO enough.
  2. Change up your theme – Most themes are customizable. Jump into the theme editor and change your font, color scheme, or main image for a quick and easy refresh.
  3. Connect social media – Don’t miss the opportunity to put social media icons on your website that link to your accounts. Depending on your content, you might also want to include your latest social posts in  your website theme. Are you a fashion stylist? A creative designer? A Photographer? Then consider showing your latest instagram posts on your sidebar or footer.

Don’t know how to do these things? WPBeginner is a good place to start for WordPress users. Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace all have searchable help sites with step-by-step guides.

Wherever you host your website, you’ll be surprised at the number of options you can manipulate, customize, and update. The result will be a more professional look and a refreshed overall feel consistent with your other channels.

Step 4: Refresh Your Logo

When is the last time you took a look at your logo? You put time and thought into your brand and the same should go for your logo. It’s what your audience sees, and what they associate with your name. Updating such an important facet of your business shouldn’t be done lightly, and it is definitely not something I recommend doing in a day.

There are two other approaches that will give your logo an updated feel without losing the equity you put into that image and an update can go a long way.

Your brand refresh can be as simple as…

  • A change of colors. If your brand uses multiple colors, try using one behind your logo. Or, add a new color to our collateral (website, images etc) but leave the logo as is. The new contrast might be just the refresh you’re looking for.
  • The addition of a supporting element to your collateral. Swap out your typical spring florals for fall leaves on your Facebook cover. Change the photo backdrop in your product shots. These subtle changes might bring your brand collateral closer to representing you without any major changes.

There are a number of design sites on which you can modify your existing assets, or use resources to create one from scratch. Free stock photos, images, and other resources—here’s everything you need:

If you’re looking for color combos to switch it up – Coolors is a popular choice among color palette websites.

Go play!

Step 5: Brand Audit Quiz

If you suspect your brand might need an update (instead of a brand refresh), take my Brand Audit Quiz to identify potential changes. Maybe it’s time to budget for a logo overhaul. If so, even $20 set aside today is a step toward a bigger change later.

Baby Steps Are Still Steps

The point is, there are small steps you can take, right now, that will freshen up the look of your brand. Complete my recommendations above and you’ll feel like you just took a hot shower after a long day working in the cold. From social media to your website to everything in between, start checking small items off the list above.


Is Your Personal Brand as Awesome as You are?

Find out if all the awesome you put into your business is getting to your audience in 10 minutes or less! 

 Personal Branding Audit



Kayla is Graphic Designer and Brand Manager with years of experience in personal branding. The Crafty Way is her latest endeavor, sharing her knowledge with the solo entrepreneur community.

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Posted by Kayla

Kayla is Graphic Designer and Brand Manager with years of experience in personal branding. The Crafty Way is her latest endeavor, sharing her knowledge with the solo entrepreneur community. Learn More About Kayla